Free Book Offer For Grade 12 Students

Recently, I thought about how many Grade 12 students are in Nova Scotia. A quick search on Enrollments showed just over 9000 students.

I wondered what would happen if I donated 9000 copies of my book so that every Grade 12 student in Nova Scotia has the opportunity to Learn How to Spend Less Money in College or University for FREE.

That is what I have done.

Here are the details:

For simplicity Students/Parents should get their Teacher or School to Request FREE Copies of my book “How Students Save Over $10,000 A Year”. The process is as follows:

1. Teacher / School clicks on “CONTACT” menu (top right of this website).

2. Teacher / School sends “SCHOOL NAME” and “How Many “FREE COPIES” they need so that each of their Grade 12 students gets one.

3. Once I receive the request, I will email the teacher instructions for their students to get FREE Copies.

Please Share these instructions so that we get the books in the hands of Grade 12 students as quickly as possible.

** You can preview my book here:…/dp/B014Z0IFHK/

Thank you.
Emo Ikede MBA, B.Sc, PMP

Founder: EjiTech Group