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Free conference where you learn how to 'Spend Less and Get More'

How much money would you have if you reduced your monthly expense by 30%. Imagine your life without a mortgage, credit card balance, car payment or any other debt.

What would you do with the extra cash?

The "MoneyWorld" conference was created to show you how to control your finances instead of letting it control you.

Conference speakers address your top 10 expenses and show how to reduce them.

I just want to let everyone know that by taking some of Emo’s money-saving tips and putting them into action,

I’m now saving a minimum of $1700 per year and I did this with one phone call and a quick review of a few grocery lists. - Arlene Drysdale

Registration is free and seating is limited, so register today. Attend and learn to drastically reduce both your monthly expenses and stress.