PD days


Are you tired of hosting professional & personal development days that don’t provide life changing results in your employees?

We offer money management &  health and wellness training that your employees can start using immediately to positively change their lives.

Healthy and financially confident staff make great employees.

Title: Personal Money Management and Healthy living.

Target Audience: Employees.

Topics Covered
* Budgeting
* Interest Rates
* Mortgage or Rent
* Banking
* Insurance
* Food
* Utilities
* Phone
* Communication
* Health is Wealth
* And much more
We’ll show how to significantly reduce cost in each of the areas above.

* Our presentation style is easy to follow and customized to your needs.
* Humorous and relaxed discussion session where everyone is encouraged to share tips from their experience.
* Multiple sessions in a day to accommodate employees varied lunch schedules.
* Continuous learning via website and take-away tasks.

Learning to reduce our monthly expenses and save money is something we all strive to do but sometimes find difficult. The purpose of this workshop is to give people tools they can start using immediately so that they see their monthly expenses in a new light and are able to make changes to put more of their hard earned money back in their pocket.

We also present the view that “Health is Wealth” to show your employees how and why living a health life makes them more productive, happy and wealthy.

Note: This is an information and educational session to help people save money by managing their monthly expenses. It does not include investment information or tips.

Room Requirements:
1. Computer connected to the Internet
2. Large multimedia screen or overhead Projector
3. Flip-Chart & Marker
4. Adequate seating for the audience.

Recent Seminars have been given to the following entities:
1. Federal Government employees.
2. Halifax regional municipality employees.
3. University students (Graduate and Undergraduate).
4. High School students.
5. Library patrons.

Short Clip from one of our Workshops: