Personal Coach
1 Hour
In Person or Online
Goal Review
Build on Strengths
Customized Plan
Passion & Focus
Social Media Strategy
Book Publishing Plan
Quick Start
Business Plan
I will write a Comprehenisve Business Plan that includes:
Executive Summary
Company Overview
Business Description
Market Analysis
Operating Plan
Marketing & Sales Plan
Financial Plan
Competitive Analysis
Graphic Design
Photo Editing
Lunch & Learn
1 Hour
On-Site or Online
Group Presentation
Q & A
Next Steps
Website Audit & SEO
Search Engine Optimization
Find Dead & Broken Links
Improve Page Speed
Find Page & Title Errors
Improve Keywords 
Increase Traffic Volume and Frequency On Your Website
Get Comprehensive Report With Recommendations for Improvement
1/2 Day Workshop
3 hours
On-Site or Online
Group Presentation
Q & A
Next Steps
Personal Development Day
All day
On-Site or Online
Group Presentation
Multiple Speakers & Topics
Break Out Session
Q & A
Next Steps