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5 Steps To Find Your Passive Income Business
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Step 1 of How We Paid Off Multiple Mortgages Quickly (*8 Steps Total)
Introducing 8 Short Video Series To Help You Pay Off Your Mortgage Quickly . This is how we paid off Multiple Mortgages in less than 7 Years
7 Things You Need To Know For Best Mortgage Rates And Approval
6 Easy Steps To Repair Your Credit
5 Effective Ways To Reduce Your Debt
Learn How Your Mortgage Works and How to get the Best Rates.
Auto and Home Insurance Tips for the Canadian Market
The importance of making time for Fitness and Healthy Living
What Scares You The Most ?
Is Your Happiness A Journey, Destination Or Both ?
It is very important to “Tell Your Future Story & Plan”. It opens up opportunities for new discoveries, collaboration and gets you faster to your goals
We have opportunities each day to protect our mindset so that we live our best, happiest and most productive life
Emo Ikede interviews Erica Blackburn, in an inspiring and uplifting discussion of the positive impacts of Energy Medicine, from a consciousness-based perspective, on health.
You get more done when you Start Everyday With Intention.
How to find your “AWESOME” self
One of the Best Financial Advice I was given many years ago was how to work and invest in assets repeatedly to create residual income
I create “Table Talk” videos to help you solve business and personal obstacles like fear, procrastination and show you the best tools and processes for success.

Learn what to measure and control for success.
Video on the winners of my photo recreation contest. They all get Amazon Gift Cards. Congratulations Isabelle, Aubrey and Addison.
Hope in Troubled Times. Let me teach you what I know, so you can start working towards your goals and passion during this time.

What challenges do Seniors face today?
Are there benefits to addressing them collectively instead of individually?

At EjiTech, we are exploring innovative ways to simplify life for seniors both from a cost and time point of view.

You can help our research by sending challenges and issues to us via our “Contact” form.
Thank you.

We are also working on 3 Projects (1 mobile App and 2 Online courses):
1. Building a mobile App to support my book. The App will be FREE to download.(some screen shots below).

2. Creating an Online Course Titled  ” How To Get Out Of Debt”.

3. Creating an Online Course Titled ” Hobby To Business : Learn to Profit from your Passion”