YBS Speakers 2017

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Ute Fiedler, MBA, MAEd (in progress) is an international business consultant and rising scholar in the field of intercultural and growth mindset development. She is passionate about lifelong teaching and learning and a grateful resident of Nova Scotia.

Her presentations, workshops, and coaching work gently push participants out of their comfort zone to discover their true potential. This is how learning happens! Her company BTC Consulting is dedicated to helping organizations, teams, and people grow and reach unimaginable goals – professionally and personally.

Emo Ikede, MBA, B.Sc, is passionate about teaching people how to quickly become debt free by reducing their monthly expenses. He is frequently invited to speak to various business, community and school groups on this topic.

Emo founded EjiTech Group to help people effectively manage their finances, increase productivity and achieve goals. This is done through coaching, workshops, seminars, publications and personal example. He is a happy resident of Nova Scotia, published author and the editor of a ‘How to Save Money’ blog (www.ejitech.com/howtosavemoney).

Erica Blackburn, MBA, is passionate about wellness, health and personal development. She is a trained Yoga Life Coach, Reiki Master/Teacher, BodyTalk Practitioner and Power Yoga Teacher. Erica holds a vision that every person will live authentically from his or her place of inner power.

Her presentations, workshops, coaching sessions, yoga classes and healing work communicate how this can be discovered in your life, through shifts in beliefs and behaviours and taking action to live with vibrancy.

Arlene Drysdale believes that “knowing” what is necessary for success is not enough. Execution is key. Working with individuals and businesses that are driven to achieve more, Arlene’s coaching system helps answer questions such as, “Where do I begin? How do I structure plans for implementation? How do I manage time to effectively achieve desired results?”

A native of Scotland, she believes you’re either great in the moment or you’re not. Either is reflected in your results, and she works with you to ensure that you never settle for anything less than you are capable of achieving.

Arlene is a Certified Coach Practitioner, Certified 12-Week Year Trainer and a Certified Health and Safety Consultant. She also holds an honour’s degree in Applied Psychology, and a Masters Certificate in Project Management.

Daniel Roberts is a left handed guitarist who loves writing, listening to and playing music. His passion is communicating with his guitar and designing songs that create emotional experiences. He has so much fun playing his guitar and enjoys learning more everyday to become his best self.